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Clean Air Freestanding Console (Small, Medium or Large)

RRP: $3,495.00


Don’t be fooled by the size compared to other small sized wood heaters, the Clean Air Small Console is in a class of its own for efficiency and performance. The 6mm steel firebox, Skamolex lining and three-speed double barrel fan as standard make this wood heater the ideal choice for heating a house up to 200m².



The Medium Console is generously designed for the average home of up to 300m² and uses the advanced Clean Air firebox design for outstanding performance and durability. The firebox’s Heat Exchange Activation Tubes and the three-speed double barrel fan, enhances natural convection and is the signature of ALL Clean Air Wood Heaters.



The powerful Large Freestanding Clean Air wood heater is designed for the most spacious of Australian homes, heating up to 350m². Like all Clean Air Wood Heaters it offers superior performance, efficient use of firewood, making it the ideal choice for heating the whole house on a cold winter’s night.

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Small Console – RRP From $3495.00

Medium Console – RRP From $3995.00

Large Console – RRP From $4495.00