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Lopi Flush Wood Medium NexGen

RRP: $6,825.00

The Lopi Flush Wood is one of the latest additions to the range of Lopi Wood Inserts. Featuring emmissions of only 1.5 g/Kg making this insert one of the cleanest burning wood heaters on the market. This streamlined Lopi offers the option of five faces, all featured to the left.

The ShadowBox™, Times Square™ and Cypress faces offer a new unique look when compared to the traditional characteristics of other inserts within the range.
The Cypress Face has accent lights included on both sides of the face and offers a curved front making this a truely striking and innovative design. The ShadowBox™ and Times Square™ faces are designed for those wanting straighter lines to fit with a more contemporary design.

For a finish with a little more detail there is the Metropolitan and Universal. The Lopi Flush Wood is standard with a quiet blowers for increased convection heat.

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