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Stix Ethanol Fire – Stainless Steel

RRP: $1,995.00

Black Option – RRP $1495.00

A fireplace with a contemporary twist on the traditional campfire, designed by acclaimed Barcelona-based designer Hiroshi Tsunoda. Echoing Hiroshi’s signature style of geometric figures, Stix consists of varying-sized tubular stainless steel ‘sticks’, creating a visually striking and practical fire for indoor and alfresco environments.

A stylishly elegant and practical hearth for lovers of outdoor (and indoor) living.

Colours: Stainless Steel, Black, Brass or Copper
Fuel: Bioethanol

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Key Features

Campfire with a Twist
Contemporary stainless steel fire design that evokes the mood and magnetism of a traditional campfire.

Simply Situated
Fully portable with no need for a utility connection, effortlessly set up and easily repositioned, Stix’s bright flame will keep you captivated as well as comfortable for over 8 hours.

Design Versatility
Clever combination of stainless steel sticks secured around an efficient 2.5L ethanol burner

Monochromatic Hues
Effortlessly set up and easily repositioned, its bright flame will keep you captivated.

No Fumes, No Smoke
The Stix concept still guards to the traditional warmth of fire, but without the mess. Powered by clean-burning, environmentally-friendly bioethanol.

Award Winning
Winner of the Good Design Award 2011, Australian International Design Awards; DesignEx Best New Product 2011; USA’s 2011 IIDA/HD Award for Excellence.