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Select Ceiling Panel Heater

The Herschel Select ceiling heater panel provides complete or supplemental heating in commercial and institutional buildings like offices, schools and hospitals. These heaters fit discreetly into the ceiling grid tile space and are therefore particularly suitable to consider during refurbishment or remodelling work.

The 700 Watt heater fits 60 x 120 ceiling tiles, making a heated area of 13 – 15m2 from 2.3 – 2.5m height.

The Herschel Select Ceiling Tile provides comfortable heat that is focused downwards and does not heat-up unused areas. This saves substantial energy over other systems by heating people and objects that require the heat directly – rather than all the air in a room or building.

Ceiling panels allow full usage of wall and floor space. No noise. No moving parts. No maintenance. No dried out air. A simple system, easy to install, easy to control room by room without wasting energy needlessly heating unoccupied spaces.

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The Herschel Select ceiling heater is available only in a white aluminium finish with a white aluminium frame.

Technical Details

Heating Element: Herschel COSIX© Cell Technology
Front: White Aluminium
Rear: Aluminium sheet with mounting brackets
Cable: 2.5m power cable
Frame: White Aluminium
Voltage: 230-240V, 50/60 Hz
Protection: IP44.