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Morsø Classic 1410 Freestanding Wood Fire

RRP: $2,125.00

The Morsø 1400 series is the quintessence of a charming wood-burning stove.

Constructed using only the highest quality robust cast iron, this small, powerful, clean burning non-catalytic stove is the perfect heat source for smaller spaces. Developed with both rear and bottom heat shields for reduced clearances and better heat convection.

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Compact, deceptively powerful and full of character!The Morso 1410 is the ideal size and capacity to heat areas up to 8-10 squares. Its ability to heat quickly will create a cosy atmosphere in your home. Made from cast iron like all Morsos the 1410 will radiate an even warmth on even the coldest winter night. The 1410 features an ash pan and grate for easy cleaning, and top cook surface.

Height 703 mm
Width 388 mm
Depth 368 mm
Weight 70 kg
Flue size 112.5 mm
Area heated 82m²