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Hergom E-40 Freestanding Wood Fire

RRP: $3,930.00

For over 50-years, Hergóm has been producing efficient, sustainable and technically-advanced fireplaces and cookers from a state-of-the art foundry in Santander. Their wood-stoves are among the cleanest burning in the world providing maximum heat and fuel performance with minimal emissions of unburnt particles into the atmosphere.

The finest cast iron is used as the primary material in their production stoves; they understand cast iron and its resilience as a material for hearth and fireplace products.

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The E-40 with it’s elegant design and austere lines features a cast iron, white coated combustion chamber. This inner firebox highlights the fire and offers protection and longevity to the cast iron body.

This contemporary fire provides a constant, gentle warmth due to the heat retention properties of its robust, cast iron construction; this means that this stove will continue to emit heat after the fire has been extinguished.