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Escea EP1350 Fire Table – Outdoor Wood Fire Table

RRP: $4,999.00

Take both your flame grilling and your party hosting to the next level with the Escea Outdoor Kitchen.

The EK Series wood fire comes equipped with everything you need to achieve a smoky meat lover’s feast – an Ember Generator, 13-point adjustable cooking plates, grills and meat hooks. Best of all, once the flame cooking is done, it all hides underneath a stainless steel draw. Leaving you with a roaring outdoor fire to relax in front of into the small hours.

Constructed from 4mm steel, this epic outdoor fire can withstand whatever you throw at it, and is built to last.

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Social Cooking

Whether you’re cooking for two, feeding the whole family, or hosting a tribe, the Fire Table offers a 360° social cooking experience that gets everyone involved.

With three cooking modes to choose from – an inner stainless steel ring for consistent medium heat, a removable kebab holder, and a cooking grill for the perfect grilled tapas – each person can cook their food just the way they like it. No longer is the designated cook relegated to the corner of the deck, now they can be the life of the party.

Hot Food, Cool Drinks

Escea’s Cool Touch technology ensures the table stays cool and safe.  Even while cooking, the outer ring can be used just as a dining table, for plates, glasses or playing cards after dinner.  When not in use, the weather cover makes the Fire Table a stylish outdoor table for entertaining.

Grill then Chill

Once the cooking is done, the Fire Table becomes your night companion. Remove the cooking grills and add some wood to bring the flames alive. Marshmallow toasting becomes mandatory and relaxing is a given.

Whether winding down after a busy day or settling in with company, the Fire Table transforms into a social hub that’s so good, you’ll never want to leave.