JØTUL F 400 Freestanding Wood Fire

RRP $4,949.00

J350758SE F400 SE Black Paint RRP $4949.00
J30051726 F400 SE Ivory Enamel RRP $6149.00
J350758 F400 SD Lattice – Black Paint RRP $4949.00
J350759 F400 SD Lattice – Blue/Black Enamel RRP $6249.00


Jøtul F 400 CB is a large wood stove, with room for logs of up to 50 cm. This model has a large external ash removal solution which facilitates convenient emptying of the ashes. The ash lip catches ashes that may accidentally fall out of the combustion chamber.

The wood stove has a large glass door that provides a perfect view of the burning logs and is embellished with a pattern that outlines part of the Norwegian coastline. Jøtul F 400 is available in maintenance free enamel or black paint.



  • Cast iron
  • Can burn 50 cm long logs
  • External ash removal solution and ash lip
  • Easy operation with only one air vent
  • Large combustion chamber
  • Large glass with perfect view to the burning logs
  • Available with enameled surface